7 Idées récréatives

Nous avons tous vu des exemples splendides de réutilisation de meubles IKEA ou de meubles anciens. Il est moins courant de le voir faire avec des articles de tous les jours que vous n’essayeriez pas normalement de détourner. 1. Les baguettes pince à linge Tu ne pensais pas que tu pourrais le faire avec ton […]

7 Design Trends for Your Business 2017

New year, new inspiration. Design is always evolving and in order to create the best experiences for your customers it’s important to stay on top of what’s trending in the design world. While your business certainly shouldn’t jump on every trend, here are a few worth keeping an eye on in 2017. Monoline Illustration Flat […]

Quelques conseils de conception pour le site de votre entreprise

En tant que chef d’entreprise, il est peut-être temps pour votre premier site web d’avoir un coup de jeune. Un site web de mauvaise qualité peut causer beaucoup de dommages à la réputation d’une entreprise, comme un site ressemblant à ceux des années 90 et ne pas inspirer confiance, peu importe le service ou le […]

A proposal to change the WWF logo to a polar bear

As the Giant Panda is removed from the endangered species list, creative agency Grey London reimagines WWF’s 55 year old logo to better reflect TODAY’S most at risk species. Wildlife numbers have plummeted 58% in 40 years and could signal a ‘sixth mass extinction’. As WWF reports cite ‘human activity’, including pollution and climate change, for […]

Incredible paper sculptures by Jeff Nishinaka

US-based artist Jeff Nishinaka creates amazing paper sculptures. He gives depth to his artworks by using many layers of paper and build unbelievable scenes inspired by nature or mythology. For the anecdote, one of Nishinaka’s good friends, who happens to also collect his sculptures, is Jacky Chan. Via designer-daily.com

5 Tips to Prepare Your WordPress Website for Your Vacation

Running an online business can provide you with the freedom to work from anywhere, but there may be time­s when you want to take a proper break. However, it’s usually not as simple as dropping everything and coming back to it after a week or two. Planning ahead can help mitigate issues while you’re away, […]